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A European Experience in Floristry


Q:  When it comes to hiring a florist in Rochester, NY, why should I choose Designs by Bradley James?

I would like to think my experience working in NYC and London gives me a perspective that the average local designer doesn't have.  From the beginning, I have adopted this mantra:  "The aim in decorating should always be to exceed expectation, to surprise and amaze the beholder, to stimulate the eye and the mind, and to celebrate the inherent beauty of the natural world."  Quoted by world renowned, London designer, Kenneth Turner - my greatest mentor in the business.

Q:  Why not grocery store or big box flowers?

A quick bouquet of flowers from the “W” stores can be enticing; but when it comes to buying a quality gift with meaning, it shouldn't be just about budget. An excellent business reputation is something worth paying a little more for and with a florist, hand delivery makes the experience even more memorable!

Recently a bride told a terrible story about her experience with wedding flowers from a grocery store in Rochester: After meeting with me months prior to her wedding, she decided to save a little money and go with the grocery store florist.  The day of her wedding the flowers finally arrived at the church 45 minutes late which put her ceremony and the whole day behind schedule.  To make matters worse, while the ceremony was taking place – the grocery store left the reception flowers at the church instead of transporting them to the event.  For all of her suffering, his bride saved a total $275. When it comes to weddings… you can not put a price on experience and reputation. When it comes to flowers, experience does count.

Q: Is any order too small for Bradley James?

Absolutely not! A special occasion can be as lavish as a grand reception or as simple as a birthday celebration for two.  Whatever the scale of the event… flowers are essential.   No party is complete without some colorful flowers around the house somewhere – whether a big vase on a buffet or a small bouquet on the kitchen table.  An extravagant arrangement is not always necessary.  Sometimes the simplest gathering of flowers can prove to be most effective. 


"Selecting a florist for my daughter's wedding was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. I finally found [Bradley James - formerly] the Flower Cart. I had very specific designs in mind along with color schemes. My daughter's bouquet was enormous, lush, and spectacular. The flowers in the church were exquisite, the girls bouquets were fabulous, and the table centerpieces were beautiful. I was absolutely thrilled with everything. Brad gave me EXACTLY what I wanted and asked for. The price was more than reasonable and less than other local florists. I highly recommend him!"


"Great Service! Bradley James (formerly The Flower Cart of Geneseo) got exactly what I needed to the person I wanted for the price I could afford all in under two hours. Thanks!"


"Love It there! They did my flowers for my wedding. Out of all the places I went, Bradley James (formerly the Flower Cart) was the one places that was willing to work within my budget and still give me what I wanted to do for my wedding. The Florist is creative and also showed me other things to give me the look I was looking for. The flowers were fresh and held up very well, even in the heat and humidity. I highly recommend."